photo: Katie Schmid

photo: Katie Schmid


I'm Lynda Bostrom, a creative from South Florida, currently residing in the Shenandoah Valley. I graduated from the Ringling School of Art + Design in 2008.

I find joy working with business and community leaders to seek and solve a variety of problems using brain bouncing and collective experience. I speak passionately about possibilities—understanding that diversity, editing and critical thinking are essential in bringing those possibilities to fruition. 

For eight years, I've been working in the revitalized downtown of Harrisonburg, VA. I feel personally invested in the creative success and positive growth of my community—I specialize in dynamic, service-based business and organizations that are inclusive, transparent, and conscientious. I build friendships with my colleagues and clients, and celebrate achievements as a shared victory.

As a consultant and designer, I collaborate with business owners, creative entrepreneurs and project leaders to create spaces, market services, and promote events that feed and inspire the community.

As a studio artist, I am a student of concept development, aesthetics and the elements of design. I continuously experiment with a vocabulary of rich imagery—I believe art is a practice, a process and a language through which we collectively speak about what it is to live. 

As a teacher and leader, I ask my students or team to adopt a spirit of curiosity and look at their process objectively when faced with an undesired outcome. I also encourage authenticity and bit of whimsy.     d= ^ 3* )  V,,


Back to school! 

I've returned to the creative cave for my last year of Grad School—I'll emerge in the spring with a lot of new work to share and will be ready to collaborate on new projects. 
If you need some creative help now, send me an email, and I'll be happy to make recommendations for fellow artists who may be able to help with your project. 

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